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National Bank Of Canada

9.15% 0.5 Year Fixed Open

Type: Bank
Serviced provinces: All Provinces
Founded in Quebec City in 1859, the Bank has grown while striving to always earn the trust of its various stakeholders. rnThrough a series of mergers and acquisitions over the course of its history, National Bank Financial Group has grown to become a powerful integrated financial group and Quebec’s leading bank.
National Bank Financial Group is firmly committed to continuing deployment of its one client, one bank vision, which is aimed at giving clients access to the same exceptional service, whatever their point of entry to the Financial Group, and ensuring that our efforts are even more focused on client satisfaction.
Mortgage Features
Minimum mortgage amount: $50,000
Rate guarantee period: 180 days
Max Amortization: 35 years
Allowable lump sum repayment: Up to 10% of initial loan amount
Maximum payment increase: Up to 100%
Payment Holidays: Various
High Ratio:
Payment Details
Monthly payment*: $782.52
Principal repayment over term*: $208.85
Interest paid over term*: $4,486.28
* Based on $100,000 mortgage and 35 years amortization.
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